What is the Neubie Machine?

neubie machine

A new cutting-edge technology created by engineers and neuroscientists to improve injury and enhance muscle mass and endurance is available if you suffer from chronic pain, injuries, joint inflammation, or need help building muscle and gaining strength. The NEUBIE, which stands for NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR, is an electrical stimulation tool that helps to speed up a client’s fitness and injury recovery.


TENS and NEUBIE machines are examples of electrical stimulation or e-stim. But those are the only places where they are similar. The NEUBIE is far more potent, affects the body differently, and can carry out more tasks. In addition, the NEUBIE can do considerably more than a TENS device, typically employed to disguise discomfort.

This electrical stimulation therapy employs a different approach than conventional e-stim devices, which only generate alternating currents to cause a change in the neuromuscular system. Instead, NEUBIE combines two waves to enhance the patient’s neurophysiological response without causing the user to become immobilized or frozen due to muscle co-contraction, permitting direct current (DC) while preventing the skin burns that frequently occur with the use of DC.

Also, this modification to the standard electrical stimulation apparatus promotes eccentric contractions that shield joints from damage, enhance performance, and reduce stress. In addition, contrary to other e-stimulation techniques, the NEUBIE promotes a higher parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) tone and has a wealth of clinical evidence showing increased heart rate variability.


Every physical therapy practice strives for the most satisfactory outcomes of care, and the NEUBIE technology has established itself as one of the industry’s leading means of quick recovery. Some of the FDA-approved indications are:

  • Maintain or increase range of motion
  • Increase blood flow
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Prevent muscle atrophy
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Prevent post-surgical clots (DVT)
  • Manage or relieve chronic, post-surgical, and post-traumatic pain
  • Manage pain after trauma/surgery


  1. Pain relief: An electrical charge is present in inflammation, and the body feels threatened and defensive in these “hot zones”. We can detect these locations via a NEUBIE scan to direct our action.
  2. Fitness: Our bodies frequently revert to compensatory behaviours that can raise our risk of injury or impede healing. A healthy neuromuscular system can be maintained by using the NEUBIE while exercising.
  3. Rehabilitation: We can modify the output to a more typical functioning movement by altering the input to the nervous system utilising the direct current of the NEUBIE.
  4. Sports training: Sports-specific workouts can improve performance under the NEUBIE’s direct current load.


Fortunately, most users of the NeuFit System can benefit from it. The NeuFit system, in conjunction with the NEUBIE’s capacity to re-educate muscles, boost blood flow, enhance range of motion, prevent atrophy, lessen spasms, and relieve or manage pain, has assisted numerous individuals in recovering from sports injuries as well as other types of trauma and surgeries. Sometimes, counselling and rehabilitation techniques are insufficient and more drastic measures must be taken. In addition, other interventions can be required, for example, if something is completely torn.


The NeuFit System has been able to assist certain people with neurological disorders and impairments to manage their symptoms and enhance their overall quality of life, even though the NEUBIE gadget is not intended to treat neurological conditions.

The NEUBIE can prevent atrophy, lessen spasms, extend the range of motion, promote circulation, and retrain the neuromuscular system. This approach, when used in conjunction with NeuFit procedures, has allowed some people with neurological illnesses and deficiencies to regain function, become more mobile, and resume activities that had previously proven difficult or impossible owing to their condition.

However, outcomes cannot be guaranteed since each circumstance is as unique as the person involved.

Some other benefits are strength, balance, mobility, and the capacity to carry out daily activities, although these advantages can be minor to be noticeable. In a few instances, this approach has assisted in bringing about remarkable transformations, such as assisting individuals exiting wheelchairs and resuming walking.


Most of the time, yeah! The NEUBIE can promote recovery, the body’s ability to process inputs (which influences output), and the activation of muscle fibers. Many athletes and weekend warriors have utilized this technique to help them with their workouts, reduce their time on fitness, and increase recovery.


We can access the neurological system and release your body’s ability to release abnormal tension, restore appropriate muscular balance, and improve fitness, power, and performance using the NEUBIE.

You have vitality and energy, heal from injuries quickly and easily, and perform at your best when your neurological system is in top condition. NEUBIE by NeuFit can help you uncover the root cause of dysfunction and work with the neurological system for a quick and effective recovery to optimal performance and function.

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