A highly-regarded holistic technique.

The McKenzie Method is an approach that originated in New Zealand that is widely accepted as the most research-tested approach in the world. The system utilizes a progression of mechanical forces to assess the patient’s symptoms and mechanical changes in the body. The response to the applied progression of forces is used to classify patients into a spinal or extremity classification system. Exercises, manual techniques, and education are then applied to treat the patient’s symptoms and musculoskeletal deformities based on the results of the assessment.

The Multi-System Approach uses the McKenzie system as one of its foundations to accurately identify structural problems and pain generators within the musculoskeletal system. Although the McKenzie System has shown great success with patients around the world in addressing structural abnormalities and pain, the Multi-System Approach utilizes several other highly-regarded systems and techniques to address each of the other interrelated systems in the body to holistically address the entire patient problem.

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