Improving the chances for people with Parkinson’s Disease.

BIG Therapy was designed initially to improve mobility in those with Parkinson’s Disease and can be used with Neurologic Disorders that affect balance and normal movement patterns. Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive disease that affects the central nervous system and the ability to coordinate movement in the body. Since Parkinson’s Disease affects many areas of the brain, symptoms can vary in individuals and progression can be either mild, moderate, or aggressive. Side effects may include one’s ability to walk with slower movements (bradykinesia), shuffled gait pattern, and can have difficulty with the initiation of walking (getting stuck). Other side effects include tremors that may occur in the hands. Muscles can become quite rigid, leading to loss of motion and poor posture, and retropulsion (a tendency to fall backward with little to no ability to protect oneself). This may lead to further problems such as fractures and other injuries that result from a fall.

How LSVT BIG Therapy Helps

LSVT BIG Therapy was designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease and has been documented to be effective in the short term. LSVT BIG Therapy is designed to increase amplitude (exaggerating the size of movement) to normalize movement patterns. LSVT BIG can be delivered by a certified physical or occupational therapist. Treatment is administered in 16 sessions over a single month (four individual 60-minute sessions per week). This protocol was developed to address the unique movement impairments of people with Parkinson’s disease. The protocol is both intensive and complex, with repetitions of core movements that are used in daily living. This type of practice is necessary to optimize learning and carryover into everyday life! While there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease currently, a tremendous amount can be done to improve one’s function, safety/balance, and maintain gains. For further details, go to

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