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Dan, A Satisfied Customer

I sustained a severe burn to 90% of my right leg. I underwent several skin graphs and other surgical procedures. Traditional physical therapy did not help me at all after 2 months. After treatment from PT Link my physician told me he had never seen results by conservative methods like I had achieved. He told me in fact the results saved me from what he thought would certainly be another surgery prior to attending PT Link. I am now enjoying a normal life and back working full-time.

Happy Doctor, M.D.

As a pain medicine physician I see a patient population that have been in pain for several years and have not felt significant relief regardless of procedure performed. PT Link has achieved results for patients that I did not think was possible with physical therapy intervention. Patients have been sparred costly medical tests and even surgical procedures due to their methods.

Lindsey Elizabeth Hensley

An all around amazing place to receive physical therapy! Every time I go they are very attentive and listen to my needs. Also, if you have a child with you they are patient and understanding! Love it!

Atonn Smeltzer

A car accident in late 2016 left me in severe back pain; I couldn’t sit or stand for any extended period, and I couldn’t even pick up or hold my 8-month old baby. PT Link truly saved my life. They eased my pain with a combination of Cold Laser, Dry Needles, Electro-Stim, Cupping, and Thermal therapies. Once I could move easier, Sam completely overhauled my body mechanics. He showed me how to properly support and align my body through a wide range of movements, making sure to …work with me until I was confident in my new way of moving. I quickly and dramatically improved – I found that I could move easier, without pain, and with more confidence. In just over a month of intense work, my pain went from almost unbearable to nearly gone, and now I have the tools to take care of myself for the future. Sam, Renee, and Anna are all incredible people, and they are amazing at what they do. I can’t thank them enough, or recommend them enough!

Mary Muntz

I highly recommend the Active Relief PT Link Clinic. For years I have been told nothing could be done for the severe edema and scar tissue in my lower leg. This picture shows the difference that a year of physical therapy has made. My quality of life and activity level are so much better and continue to improve thanks to Sara, Sam, Rene, Meredith, Lauren and others. Anna is wonderful scheduling and greeting each of us with a smile. Together with their therapy techniques they have done what no one else could. I just can’t thank them enough. Picture in comments.

Daniel N Gonzalez

I got hurt at work 4 years ago. I ended up having 3 shoulder surgeries. I have been threw 5 different physical therapy and by far PT link is my favorite. Staff are awsome!!! They are very helpful!!! Could be having a bad day and they will make you smile. I highly recommend them!!! Today was my last day and I going to miss them all. Would like to thank mike, sam, rene and anna!! Cannot for get Meredith!!! Thank you all!!!

Kerri Parrent Haas

I have had severe chronic pain for 25 years. For the 1st time I have hope of getting my life back. The staff is amazing! Dry needling has made a huge difference in my treatment. Highly recommend!

David Dillard

Since 2009 I have been involved with some kind of therapy before and after having surgery in 2012. I have been to several different facilities during that span all which were decent, but I must say that none of them were as efficient as PT Link!…PT Link offers so many options for care and because of their large alliance with several facilities in the Toledo area are easy to accommodate you.

The Staff is very professional and skilled and the warm and fun atmosphere creates a sinse of well being and gives you peace of mind that you are getting the very best treatment available. I recommend them highly and rate them only 5 stars because they don’t have SIX!

Tonya Mershon

I love my therapy Christie she really helps me a lot with my pain in the pool and out of the pool . I recommended my sister and my uncle is also going to start there.

Logan Buchanan

Incredible physical therapy services provided here! Amazing, friendly staff, who have a genuine interest in seeing your improvement. From needling to rolling sticks. I guarantee you will leave better than you came! Thank you all!!

Becki Siefke-Nissen

PT Link is great everyone at the Oregon office takes their time to get to know all your needs and help you in any way possible I was in a car accident in 2012 and after being treated at another facility and my Dr and I not seeing results he referred me to PT Link and I have had other procedures since then and they have always helped me with the rehabilitation part of them. Always a friendly atmosphere and willing to help with anything.

PT Link Team
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