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Everyone at PT Link Physical Therapy strives to give patients a much better, more inclusive, and individualized physical therapy in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. It is important to us to be involved in the communities we serve, have excellent caring staff, and help people in the best way possible to live their lives pain-free.

Our physical therapists are highly trained in the most proven successful methods and our focus is to decrease pain, and improve strength, stability, endurance, and functionality. We believe in and use the Multi-System Approach, using our many techniques to successfully treat the multiple interrelated systems of the body. Through our Multi-System Approach, our patients see much higher success in decreasing their pain with longer-lasting results.

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After understanding why physical therapy helps and when it's time to see a physical therapist, you should know what to expect during a consultation.

Physical therapy begins with an examination, which includes three major components: a subjective discussion of your problem, an objective assessment of your biomechanics, and a discussion of your final diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • First, your physical therapist must know more about your pain or injury. They will conduct a Q and A to ask about your condition and any habits or events that may have contributed to your current situation.
  • Your physical therapist will then do a series of physical tests to examine your strength and range of motion, either throughout your entire body or for the specific muscles and joints producing issues.
  • The final diagnosis and discussion of your treatment plan is the final component of your examination.

In an ideal rehab program, the physical therapist works with the treating physician to determine the nature of the injury, how it happened, and any other information obtained at the first injury visit. Physical therapists use subjective and objective tests to discover the source of your problem and devise a treatment plan. They will discuss your diagnosis and the specifics of your treatment plan, such as how long you will need physical therapy and how many appointments you will require.

After reviewing your medical history and doing a physical examination, your therapist will create a specific treatment plan to help you feel better over time.


Following your initial evaluation, you will begin follow-up appointments where your physical therapist works with you to implement the exercises, stretches, treatments, and interventions required to correct your issue. They will assist you through the fundamental component of your treatment plan.

Additionally, your therapist may use nonsurgical techniques such as dry needling and cupping to help relieve pain and promote recovery.

Finally, there are at-home exercises and stretches between follow-up appointments to help with recovery. They may send you home with exercises, depending on your treatment plan. To help in your rehabilitation, you will most likely need to perform exercises outside of your physical therapy appointment. Your physical therapist will reassess your condition throughout your sessions to ensure you progress appropriately.


Finding an appropriate physical therapist can be complicated by various criteria, such as insurance acceptance, specialty and purpose for therapy, and geographical proximity.

Insurance providers frequently list physical therapy places that participate in specific health plans. In addition, other healthcare professionals in the area may have a list of therapists they recommend.

PT Link Physical Therapy is well-known for its expertise and exceptional patient care in NW, Ohio, and SE Michigan if you want to learn more about how physical therapy can help you and find the best physical therapist for you. We can help you assess whether this is the best treatment for you and direct you to a reputable physical therapist.

If you are in Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Fremont, Oregon, or Lambertville areas of NW Ohio or SE Michigan, please contact us today to set up an appointment. Come see the difference that dedication and superior skills can make and become a PT Link success story.